Icons. They’re, well, iconic. And they’re everywhere you look today from websites to smart phones to virtually every mainstream marketing outlet. Custom icons and illustrations are continuing to gain popularity in all sorts of design applications, digital and print alike. So what’s behind our not-so-latent love of these little elements? And what can they do for your design? Well, here are a few possibilities to consider.


Icons are a great tool to get your message across in a quick and creative manner.


  1. AUTHENTICITY: As our everyday lives (and our marketing impressions) venture more and more into the virtual space, much has been made of the importance of authenticity for brands and businesses. Whether it’s providing the real connection customers crave or standing by what you say in an age when fact-checking is always a click away, today’s customers want their brands to be real, transparent and personal. Custom icons and illustrations lend just that handmade, authentic feel to a brand or design amidst a sea of generic stock. After all, no brand wants to run into their brand imagery in use by anyone or everyone else.
  2. APPROACHABILITY: In the ongoing quest of marketers to meet customers where they are, illustrations and icons fit the bill nicely. As design elements, they are eminently approachable. They feel friendly and familiar. Whether online or in print, they help convey information in a format that is comfortable and feels perfectly in context within the average customers click-driven day.
  3. SIMPLICITY: Icons, illustrations, even infographics are a great way to visually deliver information. And they work well within today’s increasingly popular flat and modular design thoughts. Why? They offer simplicity and clarity in the way the user interacts with the content, in whatever medium it is delivered, and help focus the message in a way that still feels easy to consume.