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4 Strategies to Plan for the New Year

The ball has dropped and it's back to business time. Our team weighs in on four resolutions your should make (and keep) when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Now that you’ve successfully ‘KonMaried’ your home for the New Year, it’s time to bring the joy into your business practice. January is the perfect time to refresh your strategies before you get carried away into the year’s busyness. Consider planning a brainstorm to reflect on the following strategies for the upcoming year.

Digital Marketing

Because digital marketing encompasses a wide array of communication strategies, it can be difficult to keep your placements organized and cohesive. If you’ve never placed a digital ad spend, on Google or otherwise, now may be the time! Tackle quickly changing digital trends by identifying your goals and creating a strategy that can adapt to meet platform changes that occur throughout the year.

Web Content

When was the last time you took a look at your website content? Review your web content to ensure it communicates fresh and up-to-date information about your business and your product. It’s wise to reconsider how you are communicating the value of your brand to allow for a higher conversion of visitors to customers. Free tip: make sure the copyright date in your footer is updated with the new year!

Social Media

It’s a full-time job to keep up with all of the changes that occur on social media platforms daily. Whether you’re interested in launching your business on a new platform or you want to refresh your social media content strategy, taking a deep dive into your social strategy will help you align your business goals with your content calendar. Don’t forget to refresh yourself on the best practices of 2019! (And make it a resolution to forget about worrying about your follower number.)

Branding Strategy

Does your logo and branding still represent your brand values? Over the years, your visual brand can stray from your product offering and brand voice. It’s natural! Focusing on matching your brand values to your visual brand design can help strengthen the connection to your audience.

If all of these plans sound great, but you are too busy to undertake them on your own, we can help with that! Clementine Creative specializes in each of the strategies outlined above. Contact us today to start talking personalized strategy.

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