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How to Sell More on Social Media

Selling on social media is part art and part science. Get our team's hot tips for converting your online actvity to real-world results.

If you’re trying to perfect social media as a sales tool, you’re not alone. It is often difficult to measure social media’s return on investment and most business owners don’t understand how to realize all the benefits of social media when it comes to reaching your target audience and converting shoppers into customers. Although conversion tactics vary by industry, the general tips below can help stir up extra activity online.

Use Pinterest for E-Commerce

For brands selling online, there is often no better platform for conversions than Pinterest. Many users are utilizing Pinterest as a visual search engine and some users even search Pinterest before searching Google for things like recipes, fashion advice and vacation planning. Offer a helpful resource with SEO keywords to convert users from searchers to readers to buyers. High quality visuals are a must for attention grabbing.

Offer Giveaways + Contests

Giveaways and contests will increase reach beyond your current following to your audience’s friends and family. Not only does this build a network of similar followers, but you’re also building excitement around your brand. Once you’ve gained a new following, an exclusive promotion is a great follow up to keep the new audience engaged.

Unlock Promotions with Social Media

A marketing trend that has become increasingly popular over the past few years is exclusivity. By offering deals on social media, you’re likely to convert the most loyal of fans and give your followers a reason to continue to follow you. Flash sales with quick expiration dates are a great way to convert in a short period of time.

Allocate Paid Media

It’s no surprise that paid media is a necessary part of any sales and marketing campaign. Social paid media can be extremely affordable and effective with specific demographic, interest and behavior-based targeting. The ads most effective for sales should route the user directly to the purchase page or offer an exclusive social-only incentive. Facebook offers tools directly in the platform that make incentives easy to create and promote.

If you’ve tried the strategies above without success, perhaps you just need a little creative juice behind your promotion. That’s where Clementine Creative comes in. Contact us to discuss your sales struggles and we will work together to develop a creative sales strategy on social media.

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