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    welcome to clementine creative

    Clementine Creative is a boutique agency that delivers big results by combining comprehensive know-how with the flexibility, creativity and personal attention of a small shop to offer full-service marketing solutions.

    We believe in compelling creative driven by smart strategy delivered with a personal, client-focused approach. That means our clients enjoy direct access to our top talent to get the results they need.

Smart Strategy

Clementine Creative delivers engaging marketing that is more than just a pretty face. It is the refined tool of a carefully crafted strategy – bringing your message to life for your target audience to achieve your business objectives.

Dauntless Design

Powered by world-class graphic and multimedia design, Clementine Creative can define your voice and make it sing in every setting. Those good looks are sure to turn heads, and compelling copywriting keeps your message on point.

Personalized Partnership

Thanks to its boutique size and client-centered approach, Clementine Creative offers direct access to experienced experts and the flexibility of a small shop to adapt for your needs. Think of us as a personal stylist for your business.

You heard it here first.

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Full Service Simplicity

A full range of marketing and communications services offers Clementine Creative clients a one-stop resource for their marketing program design, implementation and tracking – avoiding the cost and time associated with managing multiple limited-specialty resources and keeping execution simple and consistent.

The People behind the Peel

Jennifer Nilsson | Clementine Creative Agency
Jennifer Nilsson
Partner | Managing Director
Merissa Davis | Clementine Creative Agency
Merissa Corbet Davis
Partner | Creative Director
Rachel Regal
Rachel Regal Melvin
Social Media and Brand Engagement

Looks like the word is out…

Natalie Wilson, Elavon

I have worked with Clementine on various marketing campaigns, events and projects and have been 100% satisfied with their creativity, professionalism and prompt delivery on every task. They get it right the first time, which is invaluable considering the tight turnarounds and deadlines we have to meet as a corporation.

Natalie Wilson - Senior Director, North America Marketing, Elavon

Jennifer’s team has to be as talented as any Marketing team in homebuilding today. We are thrilled to be working with her, and I’m sure this will accelerate all of our Marketing efforts.

John Wieland - Founder - JW Collection

I think you have done an excellent job capturing what we are trying to say as a company and the excitement of the home. I appreciate you adding your insight and creativity … I think you have created a great platform for us to use and re-use as the business grows. Definitely, a heartfelt thank you.

Dave Durham - Principal, Palm Coast Group