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Tradewind Coffee Co | Retail Branding by Clementine Creative Agency | Atlanta, GA

Fresh-Brewed Storytelling

Client | Tradewind Coffee Co., Dacula, GA
By Clementine | Brand Identity Update, Branded Merchandise Design

Tradewind Coffee Co | Branding Design by Clementine Creative Agency | Atlanta, GA

The Story

Tradewind Coffee Co. is dedicated to elevating the art of coffee and community with curated single-origin coffee selections from around the globe that are locally roasted, hand brewed and served in a friendly neighborhood gathering spot.

The Work

Clementine created a fresh take on Tradewind’s existing branding, adding a graphic icon to the logo identity with strong, geometric lines and a crisp, tropical color scheme evoking a feel of the South Pacific. The final design represents the brand as a company that prides itself on single-origin coffee from around the world, capturing both its authentic coffee experience as well as its sense of vibrancy in a thriving community environment.

Branded merchandise is emblazoned with the logo design as well as an eye-catching graphic of stylized text showcasing the many points of origin for the company’s quality beans, further underscoring the brand’s commitment to the authenticity of its offerings.

Tradewind Coffee Co | Retail Branding by Clementine Creative Agency | Atlanta, GA



The Results

Tradewind’s original coffee and café location is thriving as a popular favorite amongst its Dacula, GA neighbors with expansion to additional locations on the horizon.



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