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Client:: Marietta Square Market, Creative Culinary Ventures & Concordia Properties | Atlanta, GA

Marietta Square Market is an inspired food hall featuring twenty restaurants and retail merchants located in the historic Downtown district of Marietta, GA (known as the Marietta Square) just north of Atlanta and is the first food hall style development to be undertaken outside Atlanta’s city Perimeter and in a more traditionally suburban address. As a first of its kind project, Marietta Square Market presented both a unique marketing opportunity and challenge – calling for a marketing campaign that could both excite and engage a broad audience for this unique new destination as well as capture the heart and spirit of the proud downtown Marietta community in which it is located.


Hand in hand with the Market’s developers, Clementine Creative Agency started early to brand Marietta Square Market as a one-of-a-kind new destination soon after its initial approval and announcement.  The Market’s location right next to Marietta’s iconic train tracks became the inspiration for its brand story – celebrating the unique history and legacy of Downtown Marietta. The logo design features two nestled M’s connected by a central square element, directly evoking the name. At the same time, the strong vertical lines, doubled, call to mind the image of the train tracks with the central point of the larger M creating a birds-eye image of a train engine headed down the tracks. Surrounding lettering and a stylized spoon and fork make clear the food and dining connection.


Developed as a flagship presence for the Market, the central website for Marietta Square Market carried forward the brand’s story with links to historic Marietta artfully blended with a crisp presentation of the Market’s merchants and food offerings. The train theme continued to pull through the website from imagery to history content to a unique interior transit-style map of all the Market’s offerings. Promoted through social media and free media only, the website racked up more than 3000 visitors in its first day and more than 28,000 visitor sessions in its first month and continues to draw a steady and engaged audience.


Social media proved a powerful force to carry the Marietta Square Market brand story to the community. Carefully curated content was meticulously created to bring the Market’s vision to life and to maintain engagement and interest over the construction period leading up to the project’s opening which lasted more than 11 months. In one year, Marietta Square Market organically amassed a following of more than 11,000 on its social accounts with no use of paid media at all. The Market’s Instagram account pulled in 6675 followers with an average growth of 556 new followers per month while the Facebook audience grew to more than 5215 in that same one-year period. Strategic audience growth was sustained over the Market’s under construction period to yield a broad and engaged audience at the ready when Grand Opening time arrived. Learn more about the Marietta Square Market social media launch here.


With no paid media budget whatsoever, public relations and free media played a critical role in bringing the Market’s story to its target audience. From Marietta’s still widely-read local newspaper to food and dining publications to local television reporting and food bloggers, free publicity coverage generated tens of thousands of dollars in media value for the Market. As Grand Opening approached, a strategically coordinated series of events brought everyone from local VIPs to dozens of social media influencers and bloggers to the Market in the days leading up to its public opening, generating a growing wave of publicity and anticipation that culminated in thousands of customers streaming into the Market from the very first day its doors were opened.  At every turn, the project’s unique brand story remained central with everything from event invitations styled like vintage train or streetcar tickets to branded photo opportunities incorporating the Market’s iconic historic trolley car, prominently displayed at its entrance.

Thanks to its wide awareness reach and thoughtful brand story, Marietta Square Market was not only recognized but embraced by its target audience. The project was 100% leased prior to the completion of construction and opened in March of 2019 to enthusiastic crowds that quickly made it one of Marietta Square’s favorite places to be.

2018 Hermes Creative Awards - Gold Award Winner - Clementine Creative Agency


Recognition: Gold, Hermes Creative Awards (Logo Design)
Recognition: Gold, Hermes Creative Awards (Integrated Marketing Campaign)


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