Best Brand April Fools' Jokes of 2018

The Best Brand April Fools’ Jokes of 2018

We hate brand pranks. (April Fools!)

It’s one week later and we’re still reeling from last week’s April Fools’ jokes. How are we supposed to go on with our lives knowing a toilet tablet reader isn’t a real thing? You could be reading this on the pot right now and we’d have no idea… Which brands got us good? Keep reading!

Use Google Maps to Find Where’s Waldo

If you used Google Maps last week, you saw a familiar face peek into your screen. Where’s Waldo? He’s all across the world, but starting with wherever you are. The interactive game gave users a hint of nostalgia with a nice distraction from traffic. But please don’t play while driving!

Reese’s Eggs > Real Eggs

Reese’s Eggs may be one of the most prized modern Easter candies, so stumbling across them in the grocery store is never an accident. Except for when you find them refrigerated in your egg carton. Reese’s did an excellent job pranking grocery shoppers by replacing real eggs with their wrapped Reese’s eggs. And to think we only just started checking eggs before leaving the store! Extra points to Reese’s for wrapping the Easter holiday into their April Fools’ celebration.

Kale Churros? Only at Disney World

Even the Most Magical Place on Earth had to get in on the tricks. The playful amusement park posted a fun video highlighting the newest healthy dessert trend: Kale Churros! They even created real-life green churros and setup a kale churro food stand just for the video. “It’s like eating salad and dessert at the same time!” And who wouldn’t want to do that?

Children’s Healthcare Now Accepting Pets!

Local healthcare favorite Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta introduced to Facebook a special new offering to families in the area: pet care! Because your dog is just another member of your family. The Children’s Healthcare doctors even take care of the Easter Bunny, and we know he needs to be in good health this time of year.

These campaigns take time, especially when planning an in-person activation paired with a social media announcement. It’s never too early to start thinking about next year’s prank! Let us help you package it into a successful campaign. Tweet us your idea at @cca_creates.

Header Photo by Nick Karvounis on Unsplash

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