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Don’t Panic: Breaking Down Facebook’s New News Feed

January 18, 2018 Social Media
The algorithm is on the move again. Find out what you need to know to navigate the changes on the Facebook news feed.

Facebook is tackling their new year, new changes head on this year, as they announced big changes for the algorithm on January 11. While small businesses, brands and publishers begin to panic, we’re here to walk you through the change, how it will affect your page and what you can do to fight it.

How is the Facebook News Feed changing?

The News Feed will now prioritize posts from personal accounts (like your friends, family and high school classmates) over any posts from pages (like bloggers, publishers and businesses). This means that when you login to Facebook, you will rarely come across posts or videos from Facebook fan pages.

How will the Facebook News Feed affect business pages?

Businesses, publishers and personalities will have a very hard time connecting with fans of their pages organically. While Facebook used to be an affordable (free) way to stay at the top of customers’ minds, it’s no longer a free tool used to reach current and/or new customers. Facebook will soon show the content you’re posting to very few, if any of your followers.

How do I combat the Facebook News Feed algorithm change?

Consider increasing your social paid media budget. Now, more than ever, strategically targeting your audience with social media ads will be necessary. Unlike print media, social media advertisements are an extremely easy way to microtarget your desired audience and still very affordable. Unfortunately, social media is becoming a pay to play world and brands who want to connect with customers on social media need to set aside budget for paid media.

Try for success on a different platform. If you’re disappointed in the performance of your posts considering the effort you’re putting into the content, consider transferring that effort to a different platform. Pinterest can be excellent space to drive website traffic, while Twitter is a great way to connect with business-minded industry folks.

Utilize social media influencers and celebrities. While influencers and celebrities with business pages are still experiencing the same algorithm struggles as the rest of us, their content has a much more authentic spin to it which encourages people to share and engage. Branded content on Facebook will need shares from personal accounts in order to survive. However, with recent content creator drama, be careful who you choose to represent your brand.

Hire help. We realize it’s hard enough to keep up with all of the Facebook changes, let alone keep up with creating content that is unique and engaging. That’s where we come in! Clementine Creative offers social media services that start simply as community management and range to complete campaign creation and management. We can help you explore the social waters and get you the success you need without the stress.

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