When our Clementine Creative team set out to create a new brochure package for JW Collection’s luxury townhome neighborhood, Abbington at Wildwood, we knew it had to be sophisticated and elegant – befitting the product it was to represent. But it also had to be practical – that is to say, a folder that could contain all the other parts, pieces and paper it takes to sell a new home. So when is a folder not just a folder? When it looks like this –

20170214_111333 20170214_111442







This unique vertically oriented folder design makes a sleek, self-contained package that’s a real statement piece. Here’s how it works –

Abbington Brochure Design from Clementine Creative Agency on Vimeo.

The eye-catching presentation style leads the way to large, rich imagery set against elegant white, textured stock reflecting this target market’s refined tastes. All in all, it’s a most unusual folder that perfectly combines form and function for a look that’s one-of-a-kind compelling. Learn more about Abbington at Wildwood on their website here.

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