Story by Jennifer Nilsson, Clementine Creative Agency
Illustration by Miles Davis, Massive Burn Studios

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the Square
Twinkling lights were all shining, like stars everywhere
Clementine was ready for some holiday cheer
The little office was joyful, work’s all done this year!

The screens had gone dark and the bags were all packed
While visions of HOLIDAY danced along the tracks
Merissa in her scarf and Jenn in her cap,
Even Pica in her sweater was ready for a nap

When out in the night there arose such a clatter
They dashed to the window to see what was the matter
Out across the rooftops and warm window glows
All looked quiet and peaceful below

The moon shone down from its glorious height
And the sparkle of stars lit up the night
When what to their wondering eyes should appear
But a train all in red on the tracks, growing near

No ordinary engine was this incredible sight
It gleamed like a comet, so merry and bright
More curious than that was the driver they saw
His white beard and red coat filled them with awe

The whistle he blew as the wheels chugged along
And behind him cars full of gifts, eight strong
As the engine drew nearer, their eyes grew quite wide
They could only imagine what might be inside

His rosy smile widened and their excitement did grow
And they rushed to the hall with their bags all in tow
Out to the courtyard they flew like a flash
Up the stairs to the sidewalk, they ran at a dash

And then in a twinkling, the train puffed to a stop
Cars in red, green and gold, filled to the top
Pica barked out a welcome as they all turned around
And bouncing from the engine, St. Nick came with a bound

He was dressed all in red from his head to his toe
With a beard on his chin as white as the snow
Sparkles adorned all the turns of his suit
And a gleaming gold buckle shone from each boot

His eyes they did twinkle, as he descended his perch
His dimples grew deeper as he smiled in great mirth
As they watched in amazement his amusement at them
They drew up their courage and drew closer again

It was then that they saw the gift held out in his hand
They wondered in glee at this surprise so grand
“Just one more thing,” he said, “before you leave for the night”
And he offered a small box, tied with ribbon, so tight

Merissa accepted the gift that he gave
And Jenn pulled on the ribbon, feeling quite brave
Eagerly they all peered inside to see
What in the world this special gift could be

Tiny and orange, just what they’d been looking for
A simple sweet clementine, but then oh so much more
It was them and their friends, all their love, joy and cheer
A whole new year of inspiration was here!

With a treat for Pica and a wink for them all
He sprang back on his engine as it started to crawl
“Merry Christmas!” he called as the train’s roar grew strong
“And remember the gift you most wanted was there all along!”