Is your business prepared for the holiday season? Perhaps you started planning for this busy season months ago. We saw retailers with holiday goodies on display as early as October 30! And with Thanksgiving festivities passed already, Christmas bells are in full swing.

Campaigns Start Earlier

Taking a look at Black Friday, we saw that brands are rolling out their Black Friday deals earlier and earlier each year. Most Black Friday and Cyber Week promotions began on Wednesday this year, a full 2 days before the actual Black Friday date. While many brands touted these deals as “pre-Black Friday” specials, most deals were the same or better than the deals to come on the actual shopping holiday.

Entice with Exclusivity

Going along with the pre-Black Friday trend, many brands alerted only their best customers through email lists and social media secret sales before promotions were made public. By rewarding customers who have created an online account or follow along on social, brands are enticing more potential customers to stay connected throughout the entire year. Target took it a step further by allowing their cardholders to shop Black Friday deals as early as two weeks before promotions were available to the public

Influencers Over Celebrities

As we saw with many marketing campaigns throughout the year, brands are continuously choosing “everyday” influencers to star in campaigns rather than big name celebrities. Influencers provide brands with the ability to target niche audiences with lower budgets but often higher conversion rates.

Real Stories Rule All

The easiest way to stand out in all of the holiday marketing noise is to speak to consumers’ emotions. Real people, with uplifting stories, tend to be the most authentic marketing tool you can leverage this time of year. Brands like Coca-Cola, Publix and Cheerios are notorious for creating commercials that pull on the heartstrings and create a warm feeling of togetherness.

We’re excited to see what trends this holiday season will bring.
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Header Photo by Ben White on Unsplash