Taylor Swift has officially reappeared in the music industry with her latest “Look What You Made Me Do” ode to… well, everyone in her life who wronged her. While T. Swift is no stranger to writing about her experiences (ex-boyfriends), this track’s angst level is just a bit more intense than previous songs. Yet still, Taylor Swift is a prime example of dynamic brand success. It’s no surprise brands can incorporate some of her smart tactics into their own marketing practices, starting with the following tips.

Grow With Your Audience

Taylor Swift started more than 10 years ago as a country singing teeny bopper who stood on stage in cowboy boots with her acoustic guitar. She then transformed into a pop star with a bold personality, figuring out her young adult years song-by-song. Her latest snake-filled, dominatrix music video is a far cry away from both of these life stages. Just as Taylor has matured, your brand should be growing with your audience. As lifestyles, preferences and other factors in a customer’s life changes, so should your presentation. Major changes in your audience (like age) can impact the perception of your brand, so it’s important to know who you’re talking to and age with them.

Collaborate Wisely

Taylor Swift knows how to leverage her squad’s influence to boost her own image. She collaborates with high profile entertainers of value that provide an introduction into a new audience or a similar audience to her own. Collaborations can backfire, but taking calculated steps to choose a partner and protecting your brand from any missteps along the way can go very far.

Take Some Time

When things in the media got hot for Taylor, she took a breather. Facing backlash from drama between other celebrities, ending romantic relationships and messy business mistakes, Swift nearly disappeared from the limelight for 2 years while she finished her new album. If faced with a major controversy or things simply aren’t going well, it’s wise to take a step back and halt brand communication rather than make things worse.

Come Back with a Bang

Before Taylor released her new single, she wiped her Instagram account clean. Not a single image from the time she joined Instagram remained. Instead, leading up to the single release, she added mysterious teaser posts and video clips to increase the excitement. The speculation surrounding this Insta-stunt was immense, with fans and media outlets all over the world covering the messaging. When you’re ready to re-enter the market, doing it with an exciting, huge launch can be profitable and newsworthy for your brand.

Rebranding is Possible – If It Fits

Swift shows us you shouldn’t be afraid to rebrand yourself, if it’s necessary. While her growth over the years has been gradual, this New Taylor (“the old Taylor is dead” afterall) is quite a change. So far, it appears the rebrand is working, however, we will have to wait to see how she continues the “New Taylor” presence and how it lands with her fans.

What do you think Taylor does right (or wrong) in the business world?
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Header Image: Paolo PV