Summer brings the inevitable every year: sunshine, pool parties and low consumer engagement. It’s no surprise some of the best campaigns happen during this time. Brands feel the pressure to up their game in order to compete with family vacations, holidays and days spent at camp (or the beach).

So which brands won the summer race? Keep reading to find out.

Jose Cuervo Silver ‘H2Cuervo’

This one would hit you right in the mouth. For National Tequila Day, Jose Cuervo Silver replaced ordinary water fountains with tequila fountains in three separate locations throughout the city of Los Angeles. Talk about a surprise on your Monday morning gulp!

How did this Monday go over with lucky bystanders? A spokesperson claimed over 300 people had visited one of the fountains before 2pm. And don’t worry, an onsite representative carded each visitor while the fountain only dispensed .25 ounces of the good stuff.

Read more about H2Cuervo on Adweek.


Lego ‘Build the Future’

Summer is all about the children. Lego took an inspiring approach to a child’s future career by literally building the child’s dream around him or her. For example, we see a young girl building herself into an astronaut costume in this ad. We like this campaign not only for the creativity and design, but also for the inspirational quality. Let’s send our kids back to school with the hope of achieving all they want to be in life.

And remember, kids, you can be anything you want to be: even a rock star.

‘Build the Future’ was awarded three Cannes Silver Lions earlier this year. Read more about the campaign on Adweek.


Heinz ‘Hot Dog Sauce’

What kind of person doesn’t eat ketchup on their hot dogs? Everyone in Chicago, apparently.

Hot dogs are a summer classic, along with the ketchup and the mustard. But not for native Chicagoans, who refuse to eat the red stuff on their dogs. So Heinz thought they’d fool the Illinois masses with a rebranded ketchup duly named “Chicago Hot Dog Sauce”.

The food stunt is supported with experiential marketing, print and outdoor advertising in the city. Watch the extended cut video here.


Chick-fil-A ‘Neverending BBQ’

We’ve probably all experienced what we could call a “neverending BBQ” but this time it’s fun. Chick-fil-a recently launched this infinity-scroll Instagram account meant for exploring, tagging friends and learning more about their summer product offerings. This tabletop account goes hand in hand with their newest menu item: the Smokehouse BBQ Bacon sandwich.

Not only is the never-ending mosaic impressive in itself, but there are hidden gems along the table that can only be unlocked by watching tiny videos or tagging your friends in the comments.

Head over to @NeverendingBBQ to explore the picnic table.

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