They say a picture’s worth a thousand words. How about a video then? Well, according to the oft-quoted study from Forrester’s Dr. James McQuivey, one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. While that sounds like an extravagantly large number, online video has been meeting the hype head on and putting up huge numbers in terms of volume and customer engagement. In fact, Cisco predicts that 80% of total internet traffic will be video by 2019.

No longer just a YouTube game, online video, particularly social video, has exploded. In late 2015, Facebook announced it had more than doubled its number of daily video views to 8 billion views generated by some 500 million users. Add in growing video capacities under the banners of Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, Vine and streaming services like Periscope and it’s easy to see that video is still barreling along a rapidly rising trajectory.

Should your brand be jumping on the video bandwagon then? It should certainly be thinking about it. Video is among today’s most rapidly and most willingly-consumed media sources, and it has a lot to offer on the marketing front that can make it a powerful tool to tell your story.

  • Video meets the consumer where they are. From how-to tutorials to cats riding Roombas (admit it – you’ve been there), video is a part of everyday life online for a large segment of the population. Entering that space allows marketers to deliver messages in a format where potential customers are already comfortable and engaged.
  • Video is easy for audiences to consume. Let’s face it – it’s less work than reading, so more people are willing to do it more often. And with smartphones and tablets allowing consumers to bring their favorite channels everywhere, it’s always easily accessible.
  • Video drives engagement. First and most obviously, video appeals to multiple senses and, in doing so, improves not just attention but also retention. Even more, video introduces an emotional appeal by bringing faces, voices and real images to life and inviting connections.
  • Video is adaptable. From a marketing perspective, video can fit into a variety of niches and delivery styles making it a more cost effective form of content than you might first think. Video can drive higher engagement and longer dwell time on your own website. It can create interaction and interest on your social media channels. It can boost your email performance. Video can also play a strategic role in point of sale environments.

All in all, video content as part of a balanced and well-planned marketing approach can prove a valuable and compelling tool to reach your target audience. And it’s certainly changing the landscape of how brands reach and interact with both existing and potential customers. Time for your brand to hit play?